Business Intelligence & Analytics

Businesses need actionable insights for pragmatic assessments and strategic decisions. These insights can only be achieved with the help of robust Business Intelligence (BI) system that collaborates with various business applications and transforms plain data into insights.

At Apical Solutions we have expertise to help you develop the back-end engines for collecting, processing, and transforming the data supported by your applications, including appropriate data presentation methods and reporting – making your data informative, concise, and actionable.

Apical offers information management, business intelligence and analytics solutions across all its BI offering. Our solutions are aimed to improve automation, efficiency and scalability.

  • Cost effective and scalable BI solution using unique 'BI Model'
  • Integrated to live and disconnected data flows to generate a suite of over 500 standard reports.
  • Core web services to feedback into line applications to enhance customer satisfaction and business advancements.
  • Consolidation services to provide volumes of data for analytics
  • Easy adaptation of mission critical data into existing BI needs.
  • Assist in developing a roadmap to deliver business intelligence over time.
  • Help define a holistic business intelligence strategy.

We are leading our current customers in the world of big data, cloud based solutions and personalised mobility to ensure the competitive advantage is real and empowers organisations to transform insights into fore sights.

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