Education institutions are developing the capacity to integrate ICT into learning, teaching and management processes. Growing body of national and international evidence demonstrate the positive impact of digital technologies. Some of the major benefits are, increased collaboration, greater engagement and persistence, more on-task behavior and better conceptual understanding.

Mobile technologies are growing in availability and given their attractiveness among youth, are gradually being introduced to support various educational initiatives. Cloud technologies, on the other hand help institutions keep the cost low and increase accessibility.

At Apical, we work toward creating highly customized and focused solutions that help an education institute meet the need for suitable IT solutions in today’s increasingly digital and connected world.

Our comprehensive cloud based solution is fully established, next generation integrated education and training solution that help enhances the image and superiority of your institution, regardless of the size of the institution.

Our solutions encompasses of:

  • Student enrolment
  • Student record and file management
  • Student application processing
  • Timetable generation
  • Attendance management with biometric records
  • Staff and department management
  • Finance and accounting integration
  • Elearning platform
  • Audit management system for compliance
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Agent management system with agent portal
  • Student portal for self management

Our customised solutions help your education institute reduce costs with more efficiency of managing administrative tasks. Improve the performance of both student and lecturers with better management with the advantage of having:

  • Student record and file management
  • Monitor and have detailed knowledge about student achievements
  • Hire the best talent and reward staff based on performance
  • Integrate departmental systems for boosting processing time
  • Meet industry standards with ease
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