The automotive industry today is arguably the world’s largest coordinated production system and user of technology. With rising gas prices, the future of the automobile is now leading towards fuel efficiency, energy-savers, hybrid vehicles, battery electric vehicles, and fuel-cell vehicles. GPS navigation, voice command and autopilot system are no longer sci-fi ideas but reality.

The automotive industry is on the constant look out for intelligent solutions help automotive industry enhance product platforms, production and distribution systems, supply chain as well next generation apps of connected vehicles.

At Apical, our association with AB Volvo dating back to early 2000 gives us an added advantage to constantly stay ahead by providing innovative solutions to one of the top player in the industry.

We specialize in providing full lifecycle management to a several key line of business solutions supporting Volvo's retail business across the world. Services provided include Software Architecture, solution development, technical support and software maintenance.

Over 20,000 users in over 40 countries use solutions developed by Apical. A unique web based portfolio gives Volvo a superior solution base to push centralized solutions to all its dealers and partners globally through a centralized cloud based software solution.

Dealer Management Solutions in the areas of :

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
  • Vehicle Administration, Selling and supporting the delivery process of New Vehicles
  • Capacity planning solutions
  • Purchasing
  • Workshop Capacity and Planning
  • Rental Solutions, Providing enterprise solution to cover the end to end Volvo rental business offer
  • Customer Portals

Volvo is thus able to provide critical line of business solutions whilst maximising efficiency and concentrating on enhancing business process.

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